Power Through Motion Method?

Power Through Motion was originally designed to help CrossFitters increase their range of motion so they can reduce the risk of injury as well as increase their performance in the workouts. But with more and more people that got treated the more of the chronic pain the athletes were experiencing was disappearing. That is when the “PTM Method” started.

Since we have started using the PTM Method we have had a 95% success rate on eliminating pain


What We Do: Pain relief and range of motion solutions through Fascia Manipulation & Biomechanical Optimization for people that are suffering for Chronic Pain and Athletes that are looking to increase their performance in the gym or in their sport.

How We Do It: We use the Power Through Motion Method (PTMM). A multidisciplinary approach developed to maximize results in the shortest time.

Who We Treat: Our PTM Method was developed to treat crossfitters and athletes yet found our specialized method of assessment and treatment has powerful results with all people experiencing pain and limited range of motion.


Increase Your Performance


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Chronic Pain

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We’ll be the last practitioner you see to eliminate your chronic pain.


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We are CrossFitters. We have a solid understanding of your sport and how to fix injuries.


This client was suffering from lower back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain. He was able to see me for 2 months and we were able to eliminate the pain completely.

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